a list of the hottest things boys do to turn us on and make us fall in love with them. follow, reblog, and send me suggestions of your favorite things boys do (: love yooou.

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Suggested by bitch-smil3 !

Suggested by bitch-smil3 !

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Hey my lovelies! 

I know it’s been a very very very long time but college took over my life for a while! I am SO SO SO sorry! I still love you all and thank you for sticking around- I am trying to make my posts even better now so I hope that you like them. :)

If you guys want to follow me on instagram my name is @torilowrie ! I will definitely follow you guys back and like all of your beautiful pictures back!

Thanks guys, keep suggesting!


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Beautiful picture &lt;3

Beautiful picture <3

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Suggested by ayonicosuave :)

Suggested by ayonicosuave :)

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Suggested by summer-sea-sun-and-sand &lt;3

Suggested by summer-sea-sun-and-sand <3

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stomptheworriesaway said: i just want to reblog your whole blog, omg i love it<3333

And I love you!

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Anonymous said: You're such a beautiful person. :3 The things you say are so helpful...you are amazing! ^-^

YOU are amazing! 

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So hot

So hot

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Awe &gt;.&lt;

Awe >.<

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Suggested by au-feu&#160;!

Suggested by au-feu !

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