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Anonymous said: So I've been talking to this guy for awhile and we hung out a few times. But I've noticed he's EXTREMELY clingy -__- do you find that as a bad sign??

well in moderation it could be a good thing. usually it only means that he cares about you a lot and worries that he will lose you. but if it is out of hand and he is controlling your every move than that could be abusive and dangerous, you will have to figure out which applies in your case on your own i’m sorry doll! (:

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makafo said: I really like this guy. He treats me SO well, better then any of my past bfs. He's super funny & smart & cute. We've hung out just the two of us twice, but no moves were made. Idk if he's just shy. I can never tell if he likes me, or is just being nice.. help?

ah that’s so tough! i think guys are just as confused as us sometimes. my advice would be to either say something to him or drop some hints, maybe he’ll catch them and make a move! hope it works out for you (:

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Anonymous said: So there's a boy I like, my friend says we're practically like a couple already, but I'm not sure if he feels the same way. I mean it feels right and all, but he's confusing...;A;

boys are so hard to tell with sometimes, they never say their true feelings. but you should really just let him know how you feel and see what he says! you’re amazing either way (:

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Anonymous said: what is a cute goodnight text? what other kind of texts do girls like?

a cute goodnight text usually involves calling her something nice like lovely, beautiful, cutie, gorgeous, etc. then you say something like sweet dreams and tell her that you love her and you will be thinking of her and you’ll talk to her in the morning. any text that tells her that you are thinking of her and that she’s amazing should make her smile (:

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Anonymous said: do girls like guys with a feminine side? >_>

if you mean like guys that dress nicely and have manners then yes there are plenty of girls who will respect you for that completely!

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watermistandsunkissedx3 suggested it! <3

watermistandsunkissedx3 suggested it! <3

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my-main-bitch-vanilla said: so i like this boy (he has he most gorgeous blue eyes!!!) ! he doesn't know i like him, how should i tell him?

i love blue eyes, they’re my weakness haha. but i think you should just tell him! if you’re too nervous to do it face to face a text is always cool too and will give both of you an opportunity to really think about what you wanna say. if he feels the same way awesome! if not, then it’s alright you’re still beautiful <3 hope this helped!

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